First Place

Waukesha County Technical

Second Place

Waukesha County Technical

Third Place

Enka High School


2016 Overall Champion

Cal Poly

Annual Phoenix Challenge
Foundation Golf Tournament

2016 Sponorship Information

The Scope and Vision of The Phoenix Challenge

    According to legend, the Phoenix represents the renewal of youth and immortality that comes from the ashes of the fire of its predecessor. This legend is similar to the renewal and ever-expanding growth of the Flexographic workforce. As the Phoenix is created out of its father's ashes, so the Flexo in High School Program is created out of the inspiration of the fathers of the Flexo industry. 
  • The Fire
    • Signifies the rapid growth of the Flexographic process.
    • Flexography was born out of the ashes of the fire of its predecessor aniline. 
  • The Colors
    • Red represents Flexo as the new lifeblood of the printing industry.
    • Purple signifies royalty or advancement to a position of power.
    • Gold represents a process that is rich in technology.
    • Teal represents Charlotte, NC, the birthplace of the Flexo in High Schools program.
  •  The Wings
    • The wings of the Phoenix show an upward movement toward a common goal of industry and education working in unison.
    • The wingspan spreads to encompass entire Flexo community: students, instructors, converters, suppliers and associations.
  • The Crown
    • The gold crown is a symbol of opportunity for a prosperous career.